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Dr. Deborah Kelley: Introduction

My name's Debbie Kelley I work at the University of Washington and I'm an Associate Professor in Marine Geology. So my job is basically three different components. The first, which is my favorite, is going to sea on research expeditions using robotic vehicles and submersibles to look at the sea floor and understand what happens down there. The second part is actually collecting the data, bring it back, working it up in the laboratory. Then the third part, which I also very much enjoy, is interacting with the graduate students who are also working on the samples that we bring back.

I started out my undergraduate career mostly looking at hard rock geology and what I mean by that is looking mostly at rocks on land… volcanic systems on land. And then early on I took an oceanography class and just feel in love with the oceans. I got to go to sea at a pretty early age during my undergraduate career and recognized there couldn't be any better place, hardly. It sort of just transpired by luck. I was on a cruise that discovered one of the first hydrothermal fields; the black-smoker system. And from then on I just feel in love with the environment down there and how dynamic... and the animals that live down there.


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