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Bob Embley: Ocean Exploration

One of the things I have been thinking about is how what we do now in ocean exploration differs from how things were when I started out in this business, which goes back to the 1960’s. In those days we were finding new features and exploring and in fact, by the time I became a graduate student the great age of initial age of ocean exploration was just sort of winding down and there was a broad hypothesis of seafloor spreading and plate tectonics that was just forming. Part of the reason we were out there was to prove or disprove that hypothesis. We were also discovering new features on the sea floor and new phenomenon all the time. Now days it is a little different in that we have a lot more precise tools, we can find out where we are all the time either on the surface or the sea floor, we have the navigational tools which are far superior than anything we had then. In some ways it hasn’t changed. We have some broad overarching hypothesizes. Fro instance we think that volcanoes that are on the Island Arcs.

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