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Dr. Robert Ballard: Introduction

I am doctor Robert Ballard. Well, I wear a number of hats; one of them is the Institute for Exploration. I am the president. I am also the director of an exciting new program in archeological oceanography at the University of Rhode Island. I have a great title as Explorer in Residence for the National Geographic Society and I also am Chairman of the Board of the Jason Foundation for Education. So I wear four hats.

My mission in life, in fact if you look at my job description, it’s to explore; and since I am a geologist, that means the entire planet, but naturally 72% of it is beneath the sea, so I spend most of my time beneath the sea and I really have two passions: as a geologist naturally I am interested in the natural history of the great mountain ranges, beneath the sea but since finding the Titanic I developed a passion for human history beneath the sea. In fact I am now convinced that there is more history in the deep sea than all the museums in the world combined. And our institute, which is this hat, is the only institute in the world trying to find that history.

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