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Dr. Peter Auster: Introduction

My name is Peter Auster. I'm an associate research professor in the department of marine sciences and a science director for the National Undersea Research Center at the University of Connecticut. My job is very diverse. I conduct research on the ecology of fishes. I direct student research in the graduate program of the university and I aid in directing a undersea research program focused on research and exploration in the gulf of Maine and the Great Lakes. When I'm at sea, Iím generally leading the "fishy-part" of our expeditions. We often have multi disciplinary teams looking at things like... The current expedition, looking at things like corals and other invertebrates, and I'm focused on the ecology of fishes so I generally focus on that part of the work.

The thing I enjoy most about being at sea is actually being at sea. You get a view of the world that most people never get when they go into the office in the morning. There are beautiful landscapes, both above and below water depending where we're working. And even being out in storms, it's incredible to experience those forces of nature. Again, most people tend to either avoid of don't get to do when they're sitting in the office.

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