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Dr. Charles H. Mazel: Diving In The JSL

During the dive, the sub is first lifted up off the deck by the frame, and swung over the deck and into the water. At that point, you're a passenger. The pilots are making sure of everything that's going on, making sure the seals are intact and that there's no water getting into the sub and that everything's working. Then you have a 25-30 minute ride, for the depths of which we were going to of 2000 feet. This is all straight down. It is very still. No motion. You have no perception of any motion. It's just getting darker and darker. I've been around the ocean for all my working life, and I've always just been drawn to it. I've always been around ships. I've been scuba diving. I've been on big ships, little ships. But to be able to go 2000 feet underwater, or more, is just an incredible thrill.


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