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Dr. Charles H. Mazel: Life At Sea

I think the thing I enjoy most about being at sea is just that, being at sea. It's good for my soul, it's something I like to do, and it's probably why I ended up gravitating towards marine research in the first place. Beyond that, I like solving challenges, getting out there and getting the job done with just the resources on hand. Things don't always go right, and you are left with your creativity of what you can do yourself and what you can do with others onboard the ship. I like that challenge. I also like the focus. When I'm in the office, the phone is ringing, I'm jumping between projects, there are lots of things to do. Once you get out at sea on a project, that's what you're doing. Once you're out at sea, you can really focus on one thing and do a really good job at it and dedicate yourself to it. There are several challenges working at sea. One is just the environment itself. A ship is really a small place, and if the weather is bumpy at all, it can be sometimes physically challenging. The real challenge is the fact that you are going to an isolated place. There's no radio shack, there's no hardware store. So you have to bring everything. You have to think ahead not only of what's going to work, but also what's not going to work, so that you can fix it and solve the problem out there.


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