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Dr. Roy Cullimore: Closing Comments

And we can now much better project the rate of which the Titanic is going to degrade.  It is always a surprise to me that as a retired career professor, and no longer associated with the university and my career become my dreams. I don’t have to think I need to be validated because someone says this is good. If I want to do it. I’ll do it. In that respect the work on the Titanic that I have been doing over the last forty years validates that. I have been called the slime scientist, which I call an honor because slimes are such yucky things and would there ever any science in there?  Science is in serious trouble. We've become so linear and we never look to the left or look to the right and we never understand quite enough the other sciences. My degrees are in agriculture where you have to understand all aspects of various sciences in order to operate in agriculture. It’s a fortuitous advantage and I think we are going to have to go back to that.  We are going to have to stop dreaming of going back to the DNA stars and coming down to reality. We live here and we don’t want to become extinct. What are we as a species going to collectively do to make us feel comfortable about what we are doing and how it can be good for the planet.

For students following a career it science, first of all science is not hard and narrow. If you want to have a real impact in science, don’t forget to breathe and create and above all else innovate.


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