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Job Description (Transcript)

Probably the most fascinating part of my job is being able to go in the submersibles. We have three submersibles at Harbor Branch. To be able to go in the submersibles and really see organisms that live down deep. We can go as deep as three thousand feet and on practically every single dive I’ve seen something unique. And it’s different from what you seen in books. You can look at something in a book and say “Oh, this is what it really looks like underwater,” so that definitely is the most fascinating part of my job.

Those at the starting end of marine science, like lab technicians, are making somewhere around twenty one to twenty five thousand dollars. As you move up the track and you’re doing more management of projects and so on, it can be closer to like seventy five or one hundred thousand and when you get even higher up in terms of institutional management it could be over one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

One of the best parts of my job is I get to travel. It takes a certain personality to accept that because I travel alot and that doesn’t always mesh wth peoples lifestyles. I travel alot right now for meetings particularly to determine how oceanographic research is going on in the United States. I travel alot attending those meetings. I also travel about six weeks out of each year to do field work. I get to go all over the world. Most of my travel in in the United States but I also travel to Europe, the Far East, Australia, and New Zealand. I’m very, very lucky and I’ve seen a lot of things. For the past eighteen year the work that I’ve done is in the discovery of marine natual products that could be developed into drugs. It would affect people if one of our compounds makes it to the clinic and it could be used as a drug to treat cancer. So that is very satisfying.


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