Instructions for Completing the Online Applicant Information Form

Please Read. The Cover Sheet used in previous years has been replaced by an online form.

The Applicant Information Form is a form that is filled out online and provides NOAA’s Office of Ocean Exploration and Research (OER) with basic information about a proposal. It replaces the pdf cover sheet used by OER for previous Federal Funding Opportunities. For preproposals, all applicants are required to submit the two-page preproposal by email and, in addition, applicants must complete and submit the Applicant Information Form online. For full proposals, non-federal applications are submitted through and federal applications are submitted by email. Full proposals applicants must also complete the online Applicant Information Form. A link to the Applicant Information Form can be found at the bottom of this page.

When you complete the Applicant Information Form and press the submit button at the end, an acknowledgement page will appear with a link allowing you to make edits to your submission. At this point, please perform the following action:

Click on "edit your response" and once your Applicant Information Form opens up, save or bookmark the URL that appears in the browser address line at the top of the web page. Make sure you are not saving the link to the blank form that also appears on this page. This is the only time you will receive the URL address that will allow you to retrieve the form and make changes to it in the future. Otherwise, you will have to fill out the form again.

Below are the titles of the sections on the Applicant Information Form and a description of the types of the information requested under each heading. Please make sure you have all of the requested information ready before filling out the form.

Once you have gathered all of the above information, click here to proceed to the Online Applicant Information Form