2017 Laulima O Ka Moana

Mission Logs

Follow along as participants in the cruise provide updates and reflections on their experiences, the science, the technology, and other elements of the expedition.


ROV recovery

July 20: Safety Aboard NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer

Safety onboard a sea-going vessel is crucial at all times, both in and out of port. With every expedition, the personnel of NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer are reminded of the strength of the ever-changing seas.

July 19: A Day in the Life of the Chief Steward

Learn about a typical day in the life of Chief Steward, Mike Sapien, who makes sure the crew aboard NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer are well fed.

Tubular sponge collected during Dive 06 of the current expedition.

July 18: A Tale of Two Sponges

Without samples to examine in the lab, many deep-sea animals are difficult to identify. Read the tale of two sponges that scientists were finally able to sample – and determine that their earlier identification guesses, made from observations or small pieces of the animals, were a bit off.

July 17: Getting to Know You: Annie White

The biggest adventure of all has been sailing on NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer. This is my sixth expedition in just over a year and despite the challenges of eating, sleeping, and working on the ever-rolling seas, the ship now feels like home and my shipmates like family.

July 15: Getting to Know You: Dave Wright

I’ve learned a little bit about a lot of things on NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer. When I’m not in the pilot seat flying Deep Discoverer, I walk around, listen, look for places I can pull on an oar and keep our ship moving forward. I am happy with the path I chose.

July 12: Ahoy Captain Johnson!

Eric Johnson is the brand new Commanding Officer of NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer and I had the honor of meeting Eric in person before he set sail and got to ask him about his journey to becoming the ship’s captain and what it takes to successfully command a NOAA vessel.

July 10: Johnston Atoll Nearshore Ecosystems

The team is excited that, during this expedition, they will explore much of the never-before-seen deep-sea habitats of Johnston Atoll, and we look forward to learning of new discoveries, creatures, and features. But before we dive to the deep depths, let’s take a look at what we know about the shallow water ecosystems around the atoll.

July 9: Ship Shakedown

The first four days of operations for this expedition are dedicated to shakedown operations. While every department will be testing and working on a variety of software and systems, there are a few key activities we spend the majority of this time addressing with ship operations.

July 7: What Happens During Dry Dock?

During dry dock, the ship is lifted out of the water to enable thorough ship maintenance and repair work, including work on areas of the ship that are often not accessible or safe to work on while the ship is in the water.





















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