Slideshow Showing Progression of North Atlantic Canyon Mapping Efforts

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Okeanos Explorer: ACUMEN 2012 | Mapping Progression Slideshow

This slideshow of Google Earth images shows the progressing of high-resolution mapping efforts focused on the North Atlantic canyons between the summer of 2011 and summer of 2012. Blue and green areas outline ACUMEN mapping priorities. Yellow boxes outline areas included in a complementary joint NOAA-BOEM project. Slideshow includes high resolution bathymetry acquired by NOAA Ships Okeanos Explorer, Ferdinand R Hassler, and Nancy Foster. NOAA Ship Bigelow used a towed camera system to ground-truth areas mapped by Okeanos Explorer and Hassler.  Mid-Atlantic Regional Council on the Ocean and NOAA priorities are addressed by both the ACUMEN and NOAA-BOEM projects.

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