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Video shows underwater view of sea lion that is peaking out from under a rocky ledge. It looks around, but does not come out of it's hiding place.

Voice: Sea lions are marine mammals. Some people think they are very cute. Sea lions and seals look similar, but you can tell sea lions apart from seals because sea lions have little ears on the outside of their heads. With seals, the ears are hidden. Sea lions live in large groups. They love to be with other sea lions. Female sea lions are called cows while the males are called bulls and babies are called pups. Sea lion pups grow up playing on the beach in a group of over 200 sea lions. That's a lot of friends! Sea lions moms recognize their own pups in this large group by calling out and listening for their baby's very own special sound. It's kind of like trying to find your mom in a crowded shopping mall. Sea lions love to eat squid, crabs, lobsters and fish. They are great swimmers and can stay under the water for up to 40 minutes.