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Video opens with a black background and the words "R.M.S. Titanic 2004" fade in. The words fade to "NoAA Ship Ronald H. Brown and ROV Hercules." The background and text fade into an underwater video of the bow of the Titanic. Then the black background reappears with the text "RMS Titanic Expedition Original Footage; May 27-June 12, 2004." This again fades to underwater video of the Titanic's bow. The camera moves up and over the bow along the deck. Video fades to views of other parts of the Titanic before fading out.

Voice: In 1912 a huge ship called the Titanic crashed into an iceberg on it's very first voyage. The ship sank into a deep part of the Atlantic Ocean. Many people died in this terrible disaster. The Titanic lay on the ocean floor for more than 70 yrs before explorers found her. They followed a trail of pieces called debris until they found the huge ship. At first, explorers did not disturb the wreckage. They only took pictures and videos. Later, people brought thousands of fascinating things like dishes, shoes and bottles up from the ocean floor where they had rested exactly where they fell when this great ship sank.