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Video shows blue bioluminescent jellyfish against a very dark ocean. It lights up in a circular pattern similar to that of a ship's sonar. The video fades to another video of a brightly lit orange jellyfish with long tentacles swimming away from the camera. As it swims, it's underside pulses with a brighter orange glow.

Voice: Did you know that some animals make their own light, just like fireflies or lightening bugs. Many animals that live in the ocean can glow. This is called bioluminescence. Some bioluminescent animals make light with chemicals in their bodies. Other animals have glowing bacteria living inside them. Bioluminescent creatures can glow green, or red, or most often, blue. In the deep sea, nine out of every ten animals make their own light. This light helps them to find food, trick predators looking for dinner, communicate with other animals or even find a date. Check out this bioluminescent jellyfish with it's glowing burglar alarm to scare away predators.