OceanAGE: For Educators and Parents

Modern ocean exploration and discovery requires a wide variety of expertise, integrating the skills of ocean scientists, engineers, technicians, videographers, ROV pilots, educators, and more! To help your children/students understand the number of different career possibilities in the field, explore the OceanAGE web pages.

Below are some lessons and activities to consider doing with your children/students to delve into the exciting world of ocean exploration. They are available in pdf format, and may be viewed and printed with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader exit icon. To download a lesson plan, click on its title from the listing below.


Current: The Journal of Marine Education
Enjoy this special issue featuring: A Closer Look at Ocean Careers through the NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer: A “Case Study.”

Careers on the NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer
Meet the officers and crew of the Okeanos Explorer, and learn about the many different jobs that make ocean expeditions successful.

Ocean Exploration and Calling All Explorers pdf, 499 kb (Grades 5-12)
Focus: Ocean Exploration
Research and write about what it means to be an ocean explorer, both modern and historic, and meet science mentors and role models online.

Journey to the Unknown pdf, 3.5 Mb (Grades 5-6)
Focus: Ocean Exploration
Experience the excitement of discovery and problem-solving to learn what organisms could live in extreme environments in the deep-ocean, and understand the importance of ocean exploration.

Come on Down! pdf, 935 kb (Grades 7-8)
Focus: Ocean Exploration
Research the development and use of research vessels/vehicles used for deep-ocean exploration and discover the importance of understanding density, mass and volume when working in this environment.

Calling All Explorers pdf, 639 kb (Grades 9-12)
Focus: Recent explorers of deep-sea environments
Embark on a web quest about modern ocean explorers, and design an exploration in your school or yard through geocaching.

Designing Tools for Ocean Exploration pdf, 234 kb (Grades 9-12)
Focus: Ocean Exploration
Discover the complexity of ocean exploration and learn about the technological applications and capabilities required for ocean exploration.


You can also search the lesson plan database according to grade level, region, subject, exploration and/or keyword.