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Dr. Deborah Kelley: Closing Comments

I think some of the advice I would give students that wanted to look at the ocean is, one; to realize it takes several years to get your place... yourself in the right place. To have enough knowledge, enough vocabulary, to really pick some good science questions. So just some patience and hard work is one of them. But then I think the other thing is to recognize that discoveries are still... There's abundant chances and opportunities for new discoveries to be made.

It's always hard to tell what opportunities come along. In my case I don't think I'll ever find a discovery like we did for Lost City and it just happened to be that I was in the right place at the right time. And so I think just some persistence in recognizing that the Ocean is a very large place and we don't know much about it yet. So even for the next several decades there's going to be profound new discoveries to be made there.

I think if you... if you work on good science problems to really get to... I think the major discoveries now are going to be at the interfaces of the different kinds of sciences and so the more you can learn about how our planet works at a broad scale I think will serve you well to really home in and be at the right place to make discoveries.


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