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Bob Embley: Closing Remarks

I have also had a curiosity about nature and I always thought from an early age that I would want to look at new things on the earth and ocean. I remember one instance in third grade where I must have expressed some interest in mountains because my teacher went out and bought me a book on mountains. At the time that was a very generous thing to do and I think that is the type of thing that inspires kids to go on. When adult mentors or teachers encourage them in some way like that it motivates them. I had other teachers who did similar things. I think a lot of what inspires one is what you read and I read a lot about scientists, like Pasteur who dedicated their lives to science because they were so curious. Somewhere you have to develop that curiosity and if you do have that, very little will stop you from becoming a scientist. My words of advice would be if you want to be a scientist and you know that at a very early age, keep going, seek advice and look for opportunities wherever they are. Because opportunities always lead you to something better. Mentors are important and there are many people who will help young people and encourage them. I do have one quote that I would like to share, from Pasteur. This is only part of it, “Chance favors a prepared mind.” I think that is what a lot of science is about. You study, you go to classes, you look at data, and so forth and all of the sudden something happens and you remember something else in the back of your mind and it clicks and that is what I mean my “Chance favors a prepared mind.” It’s one of my favorites.

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