The NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research (OER) has funded multiple ocean explorations since 2001. Peer-reviewed publications resulting from these missions are available through the OER Digital Atlas, an online map index providing centralized access to distributed information resulting from explorations. Additionally, the NOAA Central Library maintains an online Ocean Exploration and Research Bibliography.


Bibliometric Analysis

The NOAA Central Library performs a summary-level bibiometric analysis on the known peer-reviewed journal articles produced as a result of research catalyzed by OER. This report was produced using data retrieved from the Web of Science, Science Citation Index Expanded database.

Citation Analysis on OER Publications (January 2018) (pdf, 510 kb)

The bibliometric indicators presented in this report are based on citations from the select group of peer-reviewed journal articles indexed by the Web of Science and as such, do not reflect citations to OER-sponsored research from peer-reviewed journals outside of the Web of Science or from other sources such as book chapters, conference proceedings, or technical reports.

More information about the methodology used and a full listing of all of the articles evaluated in this report are available upon request to the NOAA Central Library.


Contact Information for OER Bibliography

Director, NOAA Central Library
Phone: (301) 713-2607 ext. 139


NOAA Institutional Repository

The NOAA Central Library provides discovery and access to OER expedition publications, including mapping data reports (MDR), cruise reports (CR), dive summary reports, data management plans (DMP), and other documents derived from the Office of Ocean Exploration and Research's oceanographic expeditions. All of those publications are archived in the NOAA Institutional Repository (NOAA IR).

Publications can be discovered in both NOAALINC, the library's online catalog, and NOAA IR, the library's institutional repository, by searching on either "mapping data report" or "cruise report." The library assigns Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) for all publications, which enable the public to have sustainable access to the cited documents.